Mnenia Village: Working with the women of Twiga group

Several hours travel south west from Arusha, located in the Kondoa Region that is rich with ancient Rock paintings, the Village of Mnenia has a special attraction for me.

So far I spent only a month there at the end of 2010 to work with the women of Twiga group.

Twiga group was formed as a cooperative to develop income streams and improve the standard of living for the women and their families.

Twiga is partnering with the Rock Art Conservation Society . The relationship so far includes training for the production of fuel briquettes, making natural local paper and the construction of a small store in the village center.

I worked with the women on the construction of their store. In daily sessions we built a stone foundation, poured a ring beam, and built the curved brick walls. The plaster was applied by all our hands and finally the roof was installed under the guidance of our local carpenter.

Many kitchens in the village could benefit from a smoke-free stove that conserves firewood.

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